The TV2 Regions in Denmark use farmerswife to track resource allocation to projects as well as personnel management. 

The Customer

Odense and Copenhagen, Denmark


TV 2 DANMARK A/S is the company behind Denmark’s most-watched channel, TV 2, and behind the country’s most-watched channel family. TV 2 DANMARK A/S is owned by the Danish state and the public service channel TV 2 is operated on a commercial basis. TV 2 is the channel that broadcasts the most hours of Danish TV and has most first releases – and TV 2 is the main channel that broadcasts most news hours.

Additionally, TV 2 DANMARK operates the TV channels TV 2 NEWS, TV 2 ZULU, TV 2 CHARLIE, TV 2 FRI, TV 2 SPORT and TV 2 PLAY. TV 2 DANMARK A/S has more than 1,000 employees located in Odense and Copenhagen.

The Solution

The TV2 Regions in Denmark primarily use farmerswife to track resource allocation to Projects as well as Personell Management events such as sick, vacation day in lieu etc.

With farmerswife they can create both recurring and time-limited projects. To each project people and other utilities such as cars, studio etc are scheduled. For the recurring projects booking templates have been created that they can reuse every month. In the TV2 workflow they generally create monthly projects.

TV2 has the advanced personnel management module to cover their labour rules. It calculates overtime time in lieu etc. Each month they export the Personnel numbers generated in farmerswife to their ERP system.

There are a few main planners that takes care of all schedules. With farmerswife they get a glance overview of what resources are scheduled and which are available. They can generate reports and personnel numbers.

All people from technical staff to journalists have access to farmerswife through the the web client, iOS or a mobile web client application optimised for Android. They use farmerswife to see their schedule, find information on what they should do and where they should be and who else is booked on the same job. When a job is done they time report the hours they have worked, which makes it possible to compare booked vs used time and track overtime. The staff can also access reports via their web and iOS interfaces.

In TV2 budgeting has not been a priority, nor cost tracking. Their focus has primarily been on time tracking, but they will now also start tracking cost on a more regular basis.

On behalf of the TV2 Regions

Lone Lauritsen TV MIDVEST