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With the Media Library, digital and physical media can be cataloged through rich metadata fields and file uploads.

Custom fields can also be added for more detailed asset information. The Media Order function allows for easy orders of dubs, transfers and transcodes, assigned to one or multiple team members.

The Media Order module works in tandem with the Media Library, providing users and clients with the ability to compile and create ‘basket based’ Media Orders from material within the Media Libraries.

Web users can  access Media Orders through the Desktop Application, providing a powerful tool for all staff to use.

Key features:

  • Compile duplication Orders of material in the Media Libraries
  • Track, maintain and manage the status of orders
  • Dynamic cost analyses
  • Track costs and stock usage
  • View and print reports including duplication orders

The Dispatch function tracks incoming and outgoing physical assets. Orders, costs and stock utilisation can be tracked, dynamic cost analyses produced, and reports (including duplication orders) viewed and printed.

The weakest link in our workflow has always been our scheduling software. But then we found farmerswife! It is so powerful and robust that it has quickly become the cornerstone of our entirely new Digital Media Asset Management solution. Metadata is now entered into our system BEFORE a production starts, which allows for much more automation throughout our post-production, encoding, and distribution process. 

The Staff at farmerswife has been incredibly helpful and informative during our software transition phase. They MORE than answered all of our questions: they posed new ideas and means to streamline our entire workflow. Thanks farmerswife!

Jim McCrain, Digital Media Asset Manager, JCPenney, Texas

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