How can farmerswife work for you?

farmerswife for Management

  • Easily overview the available resources (i.e people & equipment) and manage their best utilisation
  • Real-time view of services already provided and ensure they are charged quickly
  • Make sure that all work done is charged to a job before it’s cut-off date
  • Analyse performance related to set production budgets
  • Manage staff and freelancer rostering to best match established Union agreements
  • Control your license costs by easily scaling up and down the number of users, to suit varying production requirements
  • Comprehensive set of tools that make everyone’s lives easier and a lot more profitable

farmerswife for Operations

  • See in a highly graphic way, the shared, real-time updated status of people and equipment bookings. (i.e. no booking clashes)
  • Manage media libraries
  • Dispatch content via Adstream

farmerswife for the Creatives

  • Get notifications on new or changed bookings and jobs
  • Easily complete your time-reports
  • Check easily on the run via web and iOS

farmerswife for the Finance Department

  • Receive details of chargeable services very quickly.
  • Integrate chargeable services and coding directly into the company accounting system
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farmerswife projects icon Media Industry Project Management Software

Keep sight of the big picture

Keep the team engaged and up-to-date. Information can be pulled up on screen or monitored at the touch of a button. This tool gives a full overview of projects: client contact details, customized project descriptions, financial input and output altogether, up-to-date info on bookings and resource management.

farmerswife resource scheduling time reporting icon Media Industry Project Management Software

Resource scheduling & time reporting
Keep a tight rein on everything

Our Gantt-style timelines keep everyone updated with what is happening daily or long-term, with defined project stages, milestones and checkpoints.

How? Multi resources or meetings are pencilled in using a drag-and-drop system, reminders and automatic alerts in the event of double bookings can be set, use of equipment and facilities can be monitored, and project managers are kept up-to-date with instant time reports.

farmerswife contact management icon Media Industry Project Management Software

Contact management
Everyone at your fingertips

Import your client, supplier and freelancers database with a few clicks. Contacts can then be assigned to projects or clients. And, you can create customized rate cards with agreed prices that automatically override default rates.  

farmerswife quotes invoices purchase orders icon Media Industry Project Management Software

Quotes, invoices & purchase orders
Always on top of your finances

We help you make dramatic savings and boost efficiency by automating all steps. This is an all-in-one database, therefore, you can: create quotes, monitor supplier costs and payments, track billable items and events, and streamline invoice process.

Bear in mind that we handle prepayments, part invoicing and credit notes, as well as monitor invoice payment statuses, due and payment dates. 

farmerswife rate cards cost tracking reporting icon Media Industry Project Management Software

Rate cards, cost tracking & reporting

By integrating scheduling and rate card functionalities in the same database, all your project’s financial data will automatically update when budgets and quotes are created or amended and resources scheduled. 

Using our report designer, creating customized documents and reports with your brand image will be a walk in the park. And, using input from the central database, you’ll easily handle quotes and invoices, stats, revenue and production plans.

farmerswife personnel management icon Media Industry Project Management Software

Personnel management
Become a genius know-it-all

Organize your staff, know where they are and what they will be doing. Keep an eye on: availability, staff rosters, overtime & billable hours, absences, vacations, and sick leaves. Share and update information with your colleagues working from a variety of remote devices. 

Ready for an
all-in-one platform?

  • Implementation

    Our expert multilingual team will help you all the way from the software implementation process to day-to-day support. We are conveniently located across the globe to provide the support you need.

    Getting all your staff to embrace a new software is key. But don’t worry, we have vast experience in engaging staff, from small creative teams to global media groups, and showing them how farmerswife can optimize processes and workflows.

    Our HQ is in Palma, Spain, and we also have teams based in Denver, Kansas and Los Angeles (USA), in Warsaw, (Poland) and London (UK). You know, you’ve got to be everywhere nowadays!

    During the pre-implementation stage, we analyze and define your needs and start to populate your farmerswife database together in preparation for face-to-face training workshops with your key users. These sessions can take place onsite, at our Palma headquarters in sunny Mallorca or at your office. 

  • Support

    Choose between two levels of support, Gold or Silver. With both these service plans, you can upgrade to new versions of farmerswife.

    Gold level:
    Unlimited emails and phone calls.
    Discounts on workshops, consultancy and custom developments.
    Software updates.

    Silver level:
    Software updates.
    Bug support.

  • Consultancy and workshops

    Putting in place new company software is a major step and it needs to be worth it. We can help you to identify and prioritize your needs.

    By indicating how farmerswife can improve your workflows and streamline operations, we can show you how to save time and make big money!

    Hold your horses! We can also arrange special workshops to deal with specific functionalities, new features, etc (you know the drill).

  • Custom development

    Do you need a special feature or add-on that we haven’t yet thought of?

    We can deliver customized featuresSo, why not discuss it with us? Give us a shout!

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WebCal protocol integration:

For simple event subscription use the built-in WebCal protocol to subscribe to events within third party calendar apps, like these:

Adstream integration

We have a powerful integration that will enable to you:

  • Gain complete visibility of delivery orders.
  • Spend less time on routine tasks.
  • Stay in control of client invoicing.

3rd party integrations

What’s more, at farmerswife, we know our fair share about 3rd party integrations, which are offered as a separate service. Essentially, we assist in creating the scripts needed to transfer data between farmerswife and your system. Check out some of our successful integrations:

Any questions?

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