EMT – Equipment management & tracking

An optional extra for organizations like rental firms, production or broadcasting companies and universities that need to keep a close eye on all their equipment. Equipment can be checked in and out by barcode scanning, tracked if it is being repaired or is lost, and also have its history traced. Using a barcode reader replaces the need to manually type long numbers by reading the code (the lines) and transferring the lines numbers which then appear in farmerswife.

EMT allows checking in and out Objects in farmerswife through the Dispatch Module or iOS in various ways, allows tracking of equipment location, Status (In, Out, On Maintenance) and “movement”. It also gives support for consumables (Virtual Objects).

Yes, I want to know more about EMT!

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farmerswife has improved nearly every aspect of our production pipeline, from equipment tracking to personnel management, scheduling and more. We never knew what we were missing!“.

JAMES KELLY, Technology Lead at Yahoo! Studios US


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