farmerswife has streamlined our scheduling process. Everyone has the ability to see where they are scheduled, what’s available, and other productions that have been booked.

LA & Hong Kong
Entertainment company, creating striking and unique visual stories for our customers and them getting their stories to a worldwide audience.

We are a media and entertainment company, specializing in creating striking and unique visual stories for our customers and them getting their stories to a worldwide audience. We are artists, designers, technologists, engineers, producers, and directors striving to generate authentic content and experiences that evoke deep emotional connections with our client’s communities.

We have been working in our industry for over 20 years. We started with local concerts and have grown into an international company producing live entertainment and virtual events.


Our challenges such as tracking projects, managing schedules and timekeeping were starting to cost the company in terms of time and resources.

Before implementing farmerswife we used different software for accounting, scheduling, timekeeping, purchasing, invoicing, etc. Our challenges were managing projects and keeping track of our budgets in real-time. We were spending too much time juggling between multiple software platforms to complete our day to day tasks. We had difficulties managing schedules, reports and invoicing and ran into complications organizing and managing data. So we found ourselves constantly looking for information. More man hours were required to produce the same amount of work that farmerswife has streamlined for us.


farmerswife lead us to greater efficiency with our production needs by having all our information in one place. We no longer bounce from one software to another to accomplish our tasks. Knowing where our information is saved makes managing our documentation easier because it’s all in one place. It saves us time because we don’t have to go searching.

farmerswife has also saved our company time and resources, which in this current economic environment is essential to business success. It provides more structure for projects and makes it easier to manage multiple projects at one time.

We set a goal to streamline our workflow and access our budgets in real time so we can make better business decisions. farmerswife has made it possible to reach our goals.

We have also found that farmerswife is very adaptable and we are certain that continued use will meet our needs and help us reach our goals in the future.


Sophie gave us an excellent training. She was very knowledgeable and helpful. Readily available if we have any issues or questions.