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Mads Linden

In 1999 Mads Linden (co-founder of Chimney Pot Post, Sweden) could not find a product that solved their problems with managing resources, projects and people in a unified way.

The decision was made to start off what has become farmerswife today.

farmerswife company mads linden founder in 1999

Why is it called farmerswife?


When farmerswife was founded, it was located in the small village of Porreres in the middle of the island of Mallorca. Porreres is a city of farmers. We became friends with the local farmers and quickly realised that while the farmers were out working in the fields, it was their wives that were responsible for the scheduling, organization and administration of the farms.

Some of us

Stephen Elliott

Palma | Spain

Simon Hadfield

US Managing Director
California | USA

Mirja Hukill

Senior Product Specialist
Palma | Spain

Katerina Adam

Business Unit Manager
Palma | Spain

Carolina Guglielmino

Product Specialist
Palma | Spain

Jennifer Orton-Jay

UK Account Manager
London | UK

Joanna Kurcinska

Product Specialist
Warsaw | Poland

Sophie Malten

Product Specialist
California | USA

Daniel Hukill

Product Specialist
Palma | Spain

Hernán Mosqueira

Palma | Spain

Jodi Clifford

Product Specialist
Denver | USA

Christopher Gallani

Product Specialist
London | UK

Stéphanie Watkins

Marketing Manager
Palma | Spain

Drago Cerekovic

3rd party integrations & technical support
Nürnberg | Germany

Jace Easterly

Product Specialist
Kansas City | USA
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