We are very happy to introduce Cirkus to you! Our brand new task management tool.

Cirkus brings clarity to your team’s projects in a modern native app that you can use on your Mac, iOS device and browser… and it’s free! Cirkus has all the standard task management features you’d expect and more. You can assign a single task to multiple people and track its progress. With roles, you can quickly assign a task to a team. You’ll always have visibility, and your team will know what to do.

With Cirkus your team can:

  • Collaborate and share files on tasks
  • Invite freelancers
  • Use flexible task assignments to people or roles
  • Use Cirkus on it’s own for task management, and from farmerswife 6.3, you can connect both systems.

We would love you to try Cirkus, and give us the feedback we need to improve and develop our new product.